Monday, November 09, 2009

When Daddy comes home...

When Daddy comes home - it's Happy Hour in our house!  I'm not sure who is most excited.  Daddy? Gianna?  Max? or Mommy? (Most days, I'd have to vote: Mommy.) 

Sometimes, Daddy finds us on the floor when he gets home and he comes down to join us.
On this day, Gianna was super excited to play with her Daddy.  He's the best playground around.
The Approach

The Mount

The Lean

The Hug

The Adoration
(both ways)

I sure love those two.


  1. Sooo cute! WE have a similar routine when Daddy comes home!

  2. So sweet! I mean she pulls at her daddy's heart strings much!? My girls are such daddy's girls makes me glad too at the end of day! Gives me a much needed break :-)


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