Saturday, November 14, 2009

Princess Party

We were invited to the 1st Birthday Party of a new little friend of ours, Savannah. 

She's actually a friend of a friend and they were kind enough to extend the invitation to us.

Gianna and I headed over to Oogles n Googles today for the Princess themed party. Can I just say, "Holy Cannoli!"  Apparently, Oogles n Googles is a franchise party place that takes care of A to Z for your party planning needs.

They typically do parties for kidlets who are 3 yrs and older, but today was their first One Year Old party.

My head is STILL spinning.  There were a lot of pre-schoolers and elementary aged kids in addition to toddlers and babies....must've been about 65 people (felt like 165!) They sorta catered to the older kids (understandably so) and did arts and crafts,

 dress up for the girls (princesses) and boys (knights) - {they opted out of make-up since they had to take pics of all the kids individually -- thank heavens!},
games, scavenger hunt, birthday cake, gifts, etc.

You can imagine how I spent my time -- chasing, wrangling, coralling, re-directing, saying 'excuse us' etc.
Parenting, in other words. ;)

I wish I would have taken a picture of all the gifts sweet Savannah got. Geez...the girl got some serious loot. One of the memorable comments I heard as gifts were opened was,
"Wow, has Savannah ever worn an outfit twice?" 
The mom shook her head.
The dad's response: "Yeah, her pajamas." 
Wow, I think maybe she really IS a princess. :)

Oh - and check out this princess cake:

Princess or not, the sweet birthday girl melted down half way through and she wasn't the only one.  I'm guessing that as overstimulated as I was, those little tiny ones must have been reeling.

This sweet little princess above managed to still my sweet little bulldozer dressed as a princess for a quick pic.
I'm so glad she did. They are so precious together. They almost look like sisters.
Well, the princess party managed tot fill up our afternoon, allowed Daddy to get some yardwork done, and effectively wore us all out. 
Now we just have to gear up for little man Luke's first birthday party tomorrow. Whew.

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  1. OOOH, looks like fun! I've always wondered about Oogle and Googles, they moved into Erik's office soon after he moved out. (I can't imagine that it has room for 65 people?) She's a beautiful princess, make that beautiful anything.


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