Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Party Pooped

We were officially 'party pooped' after last weekend.
Sweet little Luke turns one tomorrow and we went to his party this past Sunday. (Just a day after Savannah's party.)

Two separate one year old birthday parties back to back: think there's a connection to my child's challenging behavior?

It sure doesn't take much to entertain her.

Luke lives out in the county - and they've got beautiful animals out there.

This DELIGHTED Gianna.

Watching horses run is just magical.

Luke's cousin, Catherine, played with Gianna so Mommy and Daddy could actually sit down and eat and visit.  She was wonderful with her and Gianna had a ball.  We asked Catherine's mom if she might consider loaning her out.  She said, "No dice!" ;)

The Elmo cake was made by the bakery at Sam's.  Adorable AND affordable. Can't go wrong there.

And I'm so happy they now make Pinatas with the ribbon pulls, so we're not encouraging little ones to beat the tar out of their favorite cartoon characters.

Happy Birthday, Lil Man Luke.  We love you.

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