Thursday, November 05, 2009

Picture Perfect Picnic in the Park

I have such an affection for alliteration.
We took our sweet friend, Jessie, to the park for a picnic lunch and visit.
 Jessie is the one who wrote Gianna's Song for her birthday and whose dollhouse we are privileged to be borrowing.
As much as she enjoyed climbing around the playground equipment....
and discovering all sorts of cool nooks and crannies,
...and cruising down the slide with Jessie -
and as much as she LOVES "wee-ing" on the swing...
It seems like the simpler things caught her fancy.
Like hugging a tree.
And collecting pinecones while snacking on acorns (or trying to.)
And what gave her the most pleasure....
Was roaming free...wherever she wanted,
as fast as she could.
Simply sublime.

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