Monday, November 16, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

Um.....I have a question:

Man, what's up with my munchkin?  Last couple of days she's just not herself. Pretty sure it's not physical...although I never really know when new teeth are coming (I usually only figure it out after they appear.)  Every now and then, my mild-mannered, funny, sunshiny little girl morphs into a fussy little whiny, weepy, clingy, cantankerous creature. And sometimes she goes back and forth between the two within moments. 

She plum wore me out today with her volleying between Jekyll and Hyde.  It's really quite amazing to watch those little wheels turning in the pretty little head of hers.  She finds things that she knows is wrong and will do them right in front of me just to watch my reaction.  Sometimes I feel like I handle the challenge well and sometimes I feel like I'm failing miserably. I guess that's ebb and flow of parenting.

These little episodes seem to arise unexpectedly and disappear the same way. I'm happily awaiting the disappearance of this one.


  1. Today Jackson has been 80% Jekyll. Some days I wish we could start over. The only no-fail tip that works for us is a change of scenery. That almost always helps the boys. I hope she is back to herself in no time!!! : )

  2. So my girls love to play the Jekyll and Hyde "game". I have to remember they have bad days too. I use to feel like I was the worst mom when my girls were not completely happy all the time. Then I realized that is how they learn about the world around them and about themselves- gotta love their yummy personalities. It is for sure a big challenge but one I love only because the next hour or the next day even, they are so sweet and loving and back to "themselves". BTW, love this blog subject!

  3. No advice here, but I love the whale outfit! What were you gals doing? Playing "class"? Is she raising her hand to answer, "Who's mommy's sweetest, best girl in the whole wide world?"


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