Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet Baby Joseph

Sweet Baby Joseph was born to my dear friends, Lisa and Reid, last week.

Yesterday, Gianna and I took a road trip to New Roads to celebrate this precious miracle and get in a little Baby Lovin'. Oh man, that's some tiny, soft, sweet baby perfection. Nine days old - scarcely 7 pounds and you can still detect that faint scent of heaven on him. Yum.
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Joseph's big sister, Lilliana, is 9 and big brother, Matthew is 8. Lilliana could not contain her joy when she laid eyes on baby Joseph for the first time:

Joy in the form of big, beautiful tears. That's holy water, if you ask me.
I cry ever time I see that picture.

This little family is one of the holiest families I know...always seeking God's will in their lives.

 I just LOVE the fact that this new baby was as planned for and prayed for as their first - even with mom and dad in their 40's. I've mentioned before how much I love sharing the parenting journey with so many of my young mom friends. I'm equally as thrilled to be on the baby train with some of my more "seasoned" compadres! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one beginning this journey at this stage in the game.

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